Custom Clip FAQ

How much do the customs cost?

This depends totally on the type of custom you want and if you want to own the rights to the clip (meaning I do not put it on my store for sale). They can range from $5/min to $10/min & to own the video out right* an additional charge of $150 would be required.

*I wouldn't be reposting it to my stores.

Where can I discuss a custom with you? or using the form above to start the initial contact.

How do suggestions work?

I love getting suggestions, it’s always nice to have fresh ideas coming in for the times I get smut makers block. However suggestions are not guaranteed to ever be filmed, to make sure you get your clip filmed you would have to discuss custom pricing.

How long does it take for you to film a custom clip?

Usually between 2 to 7 days. I always email the buyer once the clip is up on my store for purchase or ready to be sent directly.

Is there any cost up front?

Yes. I require 50% of the custom clip up front because in the past people will order a custom clip, have me film it & then put it up and not actually buy it for the agreed upon price hoping that I will lower it to the normal price I sell my videos to get it on the cheap which is pretty shitty.

Can I purchase any physical items from you?

Yep. Socks/panties/whatever can be discussed through the same email as customs.